Shops for meditation, yoga, spiritual clothing and sound healing supplies.

Enlightenment: Sound Healing supplies:

 SINGING BOWLS  Tibetan, Japanese and Crystal from £!0 to £1000. See our special handmade tuned full moon Tibetan bowls.

GONGS from 10CM TO 100CM sun ,chao wind and Meinl

TINGSHAWS  great variety

BELLS: Tibetan, Indian, Southeast Asian

CHIMES WOODSTOCK, Chakra Elfen chimes Energy chimes Koshi, Shanti

PAN DRUMS made by local makers, Bali, Chinese, Vietnamese, Meinl

TONGUE DRUMS  local makers, Chinese, Hapi, French , Meinl , indian

The Sound Healer Sound Healing supplies:

TUNING FORKS chakra, planetry, Solfeggio, om, 528HZ

KALIMBAS Sansula by Hokena, Africa, Indian, Bali

SOUND EFFECTS shakes, rattles, whistles, chimes scrapers, rainsticks